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    Over a decade of ShoreTel installation experience in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and beyond.

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      Business communications have expanded far beyond the ubiquitous desk phone. While still important and useful, desk phones are just one of many conduits by which we share, confirm and accept information – in other words, do business.

      Compelling and convenient, communication technologies of today include voice, email, video, instant messaging, screen-sharing, and more, and all are made possible by an assortment of mobile devices and computers.  This array of technology brings a tremendous advantage by increasing the speed and agility of business.  But with that upside comes an equally tremendous challenge: How can IT departments keep up with administering and securing a multitude of collaboration tools and applications?

      Fortunately, there is a way.

      Leading organizations use unified communications to foster collaboration among employees, partners and clients as they engage with one another to communicate and innovate.

      With a unified communications platform from Structured, you can count on reliability, remarkable flexibility and end-user empowerment.  Loud and clear.

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    • Solutions

      Leading organizations are using unified communications solutions to foster collaboration among employees, partners and clients. It is easier than ever before to engage, drive innovation and bring out the best in business.

      With a unified communications platform from Structured, you can count on reliability and remarkable adaptability, so anticipating or responding to changing demands becomes simpler to accomplish.

      Structured’s Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

      Structured’s unified communications and collaboration solutions offer telephony, secure instant messaging, web conferencing, and team collaboration tools to use alone or to integrate into other applications:

      • Enterprise instant messaging with online presence indicators and community collaboration for rapid connection to the people behind the information in your social business environment.
      • Online meetings that offer high-definition audio and video to augment document, application and screen sharing.
      • Mobility solutions for smartphones and tablets that connect end users from anywhere.
      • Voice and video integration for deployment within your business network with full support of industry standards.

      Unified Communications Manufacturing Partnerships:

      Optimizing customer experiences in a modern environment means arming support and sales agents with the right tools. They must be able to respond to inquiries via phone, email, instant messages or .  This is your contact center – your foundation for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

      Contact center solutions from Structured enable convergence of voice and data onto a single, unified platform that improves information integrity, enhances customer service and minimizes contact center costs.   This powerful call center solution that includes all the management and analytical features you need to receive, respond and report on your customer contacts.

      Structured’s Voice and Contact Center features

      Maximizing customer satisfaction for every type of business—Structured’s Contact Center solutions balance the convenience of automation and the attentiveness of human touch—creating positive, profitable customer relationships.

      • Overflow features—any employee can be added to contact center queues, and automatic overflowing during busy periods reduces staff costs and improves service
      • Advanced App Integration— amplify performance of Salesforce, MS Dynamics, NetSuite and other business process amps with click-to-call functionality, inbound screen pops, automated call notes, and enhancing metrics
      • Ease of administration—supervisors have direct web-based access to all administrative functions including live dashboards, reports and queue configuration
      • Call recording – purposeful call recording that includes agent evaluation forms that allow supervisors to track agent performance over time
      • Prioritized skill routing – agents are added to queues with a priority that defines the order in which calls will be distributed; combine multiple queue priorities and agent priorities to easily route calls to the right agent at the right time.
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