Executive Leadership

    Structured Executive Leadership

    Representing over 70 years of IT leadership, expertise and stability

    Ron Fowler President and CEO

    Ron Fowler joined Structured in 1992 and became CEO in 1994. Under his technical and business leadership, Structured develops industry-leading solutions and services that provide the highest levels of information access and security for enterprise networks. Of equal importance, under Fowler’s direction Structured has earned a reputation for hiring employees whose unique blend of technological and business expertise enables them to partner with clients toward optimal IT solutions. 

    Ty Trabosh Chief Technology Officer

    Ty Trabosh provides vision, direction, and executive management supporting Structured’s growing technical teams, including those for Professional Services, Managed Services, Service Desk, and Project Management. During his 15 years of service, Trabosh has been instrumental in Structured’s overall growth and evolution, particularly in the development of Structured’s award-winning Professional Services and Secure Infrastructure teams. 

    Bill Tracy Vice President, Technology Solutions

    Bill Tracy oversees selection, sales, and support of the company’s various technology solution offerings. He plays a pivotal role in assessing business requirements for emerging technology platforms, presenting applicable technologies for sale, and providing a high-level architecture of the solution sets Structured offers. Tracy has been a vital part of the Structured team for more than 14 years. 

    Chris McDuffie Vice President, Cloud Architecture

    Chris McDuffie helps the Structured team methodically identify, assess, develop and support clients’ multi-cloud initiatives. He oversees the adoption and implementation of products and services that customers can leverage to make secure and cost-effective cloud strategy choices. For nearly 10 years, McDuffie has been an invaluable part of the Structured team. His hard work and dedication to the Application Delivery practice helped Structured achieve significant visibility and recognition in the marketplace. 

    Mark Hickman Vice President, Managed Services Solutions

    Mark Hickman is responsible for the continued growth and development of Managed Services, overseeing development, delivery and ongoing evaluation of service offerings, engineering professionals, and customer relationships. For more than 15 years, Hickman has been an integral and dedicated part of the Structured team. In his prior management role of Structured's Storage and Systems practice, Hickman exhibited exceptional ability to develop and manage people, building a unified team known for its engineering talent and professionalism. He now brings those skills to Managed Services.