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Advantages of Utilizing a Backup Service Provider

According to the U.S Department of Labor, 40 percent of businesses never reopen following a major disaster and 25 percent close within 2 years. In today’s uncertain world, it has become essential for a business to protect one of its most important and critical assets: data. From financial and accounting reports, to client contracts and other critical documentation, organizations depend on data not just to function, but to survive.

Even if companies aren’t worried about being in the pathway of the next Katrina or Sandy, data loss is still expensive. Data loss and downtime are hits to business reputations, company productivity, and can even lead to lawsuits. A survey done by Symantec in 2011 found that small businesses lost an average of $3,000 per day from downtime, while the average medium-sized business lost an estimated $23,000 per day.

One of the best ways to avoid all of this expensive chaos is to implement an efficient disaster recovery and data backup plan. Further, one of the most cost-effective backup options is offered through cloud services. With a low cost of ownership, cloud-based backup gives companies the ability to leverage existing IT infrastructures while decreasing storage strains and improving scalability.

The ultimate benefit of cloud-based backup, however, is speed. A cloud backup can be deployed in less than an hour, and only necessitates a few minutes of configurations during the initial set-up. This means companies can skip the expensive project, as well as the upfront costs on hardware, software and labor, and obtain a high-performing backup system that is ready to go from day one.

For one fixed price a month, organizations that backup to cloud can rest well at night knowing their data is protected, and all without adding more energy-draining, expensive hardware to the data center. With improved scalability, companies can grow without the fear of running out of storage.

Overall, there are a lot of efficient, cost-saving benefits to backing up via cloud services. Discover what your company can gain and, more importantly, not lose by reaching out to one of our Structured Communication Systems experts!