Aruba Networks and Structured: A Platinum Partnership

Aruba Networks and Structured help organizations break barriers and redefine the limits of business. We implement technology that streamlines communication, supports business objectives and budgets, and puts powerful tools in the hands of end-users to help them be more effective at work.


Aruba: Clearpass

From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations face increasingly complex IT infrastructures that are more exposed to attacks than ever before. You need a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response – based on set policies. Is your business ready?

Visibility. Control. Response.

Malicious insiders and IoT-based attacks continue to grow, bypassing your perimeter security defenses. Learn how to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to your enterprise networks.

Identify what’s on your multi-vendor wired and wireless network.

Visibility and detection is a minimal starting point for securing your network. Automated fingerprinting, profiling of endpoints and continuous observation is also needed for extended control of the devices and users connecting to your network.

Secure access for guest, BYOD and corporate devices.

There are a number of ways to securely connect devices to a network – without compromising security. ClearPass features several tools to simplify connectivity, onboarding and endpoint configuration.

First visibility, then control.

Once you know what devices are connecting to your network – it’s time to enforce the policies for providing the right type of access.

The power of partners.

Security can be an expensive, time consuming investment. Innovation is needed to keep ahead of hackers. Our Security Exchange ecosystem brings together best-of-breed third-party solutions providing end-to-end security at the edge.

Access Expertise through Structured

Platinum-level partnership. Highly certified engineers. Integration expertise in enterprise, education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing & more!

The Structured Story

Over the last 25 years, Structured has guided its clients through the peaks and valleys of information technology. Founded in 1992 in Clackamas, Oregon, Structured Communications Systems, Inc. quickly rose through the ranks of Portland-based IT providers to become a trusted name in cybersecurity. Guided by CEO and President Ron Fowler, Structured grew to become a regional powerhouse with a national perspective by hiring the brightest minds in IT and partnering with proven companies that promoted confident, trusted technology. Now with offices across the country, Structured translates a wide and growing range of IT into actionable strategies with a business-driven context. From security integration to data center operations, from multi-cloud architecture to infrastructure management, from fixing network errors to finding digital transformation opportunities, Structured bridges people, business and technology.

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