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Brewery Taps Cloud-Based VoIP Platform

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Brewery disaster results in the need to speed up its anticipated upgrade to ShoreTel Sky

When the phone lines in the corporate office of a large-scale east coast brewery went dead one afternoon, the general manager (GM) assumed it was a routine Verizon error. But as the office filled with smoke, employees realized something more serious triggered the outage. Watching the phone system go up in flames, the GM acted quickly to keep operations intact.

With the fire department on its way, the GM’s first strategic move was calling ShoreTel. The brewery had encountered ShoreTel a year earlier while anticipating a move to a new location. After meeting with other IP phone system providers during that time, the brewery discovered that ShoreTel provided the best fit in terms of cost, functionality, and service quality. The current disaster presented an opportunity to upgrade the phone system to a solution that would better serve the company’s needs.

Within one week, the new phones were up and running

“Our old phone system literally caught on fire. We switched to ShoreTel Sky and within a couple of days they were able to get us up and running.” – Brewery General Manager

After assessing the situation, ShoreTel devised an emergency plan for restoring the brewery’s phone service. Within one week, employees were up and running on a provisional solution. A few weeks later, they went fully live on ShoreTel Sky with a dedicated T1 circuit and backup DSL.

Brewery attributes its great customer service to the reliability of ShoreTel’s service

By switching to ShoreTel Sky, the brewery reaped positive results from a potential disaster. Customizable configurations allow the company to efficiently manage call flow. They also get added peace of mind with ShoreTel Sky’s Embedded Continuity that provides built-in backups and emergency planning for rerouting calls so orders always get through to a sales agent.

ShoreTel Sky adds to that peace of mind with proactive notifications of maintenance or connectivity anomalies before any problems occur, letting the brewery team focus on their passion – brewing great beer. After proudly shipping more than 800,000 cases of beer last year, the brewery attributes its ability to provide great customer service to the reliability of ShoreTel’s service.

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