Seamless Branch Networking with SD-WAN Technology

With NetScaler SD-WAN, Citrix takes a big step toward a cloud-centric SD-WAN. In addition to ensuring optimal application availability for remote users, it's never been easier to move applications confidently to the cloud and transition to a cloud-centric enterprise.

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Increase the resiliency of critical applications
Maintain high performance for mission critical applications even when a network fails
Accelerate traditional enterprise applications
Improve the virtual desktop experience to branch-office and mobile users and accelerate traditional enterprise applications
Reduce WAN bandwidth and lower bandwidth costs
Expand WAN capacity with low-cost broadband connections, while maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability
Access the cloud securely and reliably
Support cloud migration with integrated security to protect enterprise data
Gain Insight into Application Performance
Gain visibility into application delivery in order to proactively manage the user experience

Digital Transformation at Work

Businesses rely on branch offices or remote employees to serve customers, to be near partners and suppliers and to expand into new markets. As application and desktop virtualization increases or applications move to the cloud, IT managers face the challenge of providing these applications without a performance penalty to branch and mobile users.

NetScaler SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) by Citrix can help you effectively and economically increase WAN throughput while accelerating enterprise applications and ensuring the performance and availability of mission critical applications.


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