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The cloud on-ramp you’ve been waiting for

Fast Moving Transport

Finally! The time you’ve been waiting for has arrived. All the internal objections and hesitations from management have been overcome. You’ve presented the business case—and succeeded.

Congrats! You’re ready to migrate some workloads to the cloud.

But before you take the oh-so-important next step, ask yourself: Do you have a secure, application-aware solution that makes it easy to connect branches to the cloud while also meeting performance and cost expectations?

Does part of your plan involve using your legacy WAN setup to connect to the cloud? In a word, don’t. That’s because those traditional architectures and MPLS connections are not suited for today’s internet-bound traffic (like that coming from SaaS apps). Not only does this older equipment backhaul your network traffic through centralized datacenters — which slows it down — but these technologies are also cumbersome, slow to implement, mostly inflexible and expensive.

Fortunately, Citrix and Microsoft have teamed up to make it easy to migrate to the cloud with their new joint solution — Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft Virtual WAN. Designed to speed and automate network deployments of any size, Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft VWAN removes the complexities of connecting your branch offices to Azure.

But it’s the benefits that really stand out. With this new joint solution, you can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to connect branches to Azure from hours to just 15 minutes per site—because almost everything in the process is now automated
  • Simplify large-scale network expansions by using template-based cloning for multiple locations
  • Prioritize and optimize the delivery of latency-sensitive apps (like software for videoconferencing or online meetings) over less-critical application traffic

See for yourself why Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft Virtual WAN is the cloud on-ramp you’ve been waiting for. Get started today by downloading our solution brief. It’s available here.

Guest blog provided by Citrix