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ICYMI: Highlights from NetApp Insight 2017

NetApp Insight is NetApp’s annual technical conference for storage and data management professionals. It gives customers, engineers, consultants and partners a forum for learning from industry experts and each other. With more than 200 technical sessions, self-paced Hands-On Labs, and the opportunity to see exciting new technologies in action, NetApp Insight is a must-see event for those in the tech community.

Didn’t get a chance to attend Insight? Structured’s got you covered. We’ve compiled the biggest news from the conference floor. Have questions about any of NetApp’s exciting news? Contact your Structured representative today.

Updates to SolidFire Element OS, StorageGRID Webscale, ONTAP and OnCommand Insight software

Via The Register: These packages, which sit under its Data Fabric umbrella brand, are supposed to unify and manage storage across on-premises kit and public cloud stores.

The headline refresh points are:

  • SolidFire Element OS:
    • SnapMirror integration now supports data movement from Element OS to ONTAP systems for disaster protection, development, analytics, and centralized archiving.
    • New user-defined quality-of-service policies introduced for managing guaranteed performance in SolidFire arrays.
  • StorageGRID Webscale, NetApp’s object storage offering:
    • CloudMirror gains the ability to mirror on-premises data in Amazon’s AWS S3 storage.
    • Serverless computing using notifications from data services such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Rekognition and Elasticsearch, as well as on-premises storage, now enabled.
  • ONTAP v9.3:
    • Adaptive quality-of-service technology added that makes it easier to apply policies and automatically adjust performance levels to changes in workloads.
    • Apparently, an up to 40 per cent increase in performance over earlier ONTAP versions with software optimizations and path parallelization for more IOPS and lower latency.
    • Deduplication optimized.
    • External key management added for NetApp Volume Encryption and multi-factor authentication.
    • Compliance policies enabled for setting legal holds and event-based retention.

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Microsoft and NetApp Unleash the Power of Data Through the Industry’s First Azure Enterprise NFS Service

Via NetApp: Strategic partnership introduces Microsoft Azure Enterprise Network File System (NFS) service, powered by NetApp; additional integrations with NetApp Data Fabric.

NetApp today announced that it is the data services technology of choice behind first-of-its-kind cloud-centric capabilities for the hybrid cloud. The new industry-first enterprise Network File System (NFS) service in the cloud is delivered natively in Azure and powered by NetApp®. NetApp also announced deeper integrations with Azure in Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365 and NetApp AltaVault™.

Businesses all over the world are embracing cloud to respond faster to customer demands and stay ahead of the competition. According to IDC, today’s file market is at 28EB with cloud growing faster than on-premises at 24.9 percent through 2021. Data-driven companies focused on cloud-first and hybrid cloud strategies need high-performance ways to fuel mission-critical applications in the cloud by using the same enterprise NFS they already rely on. These visionary companies know that harnessing data through the power of hybrid cloud is key to becoming truly data driven.

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NetApp Transforms the Digital Customer Experience with Industry Leading Cognitive Computing

Via NetApp: Unleash the full potential of Data Fabric—both on the premises and in the cloud—by using AI-enabled NetApp Active IQ and Elio, a new virtual support assistant.

NetApp today announced that it now delivers an insight-driven digital customer experience that is informed by NetApp’s deep knowledge base, predictive analytics, proactive support, and cognitive computing. By using the new AI-enabled NetApp® virtual support assistant, Elio, and NetApp Active IQ® cloud-based analytics, companies gain intelligent insights that allow them to spend time with their customers rather than on their infrastructure.

Data is the lifeblood of every business and must flow seamlessly to enable digital transformation, but companies can extract value from data only as quickly as the underlying infrastructure can manage it. How do IT organizations stretch their resources to harness free-flowing data that is distributed, dynamic, and diverse? Predictive analytics, cognitive computing, and proactive care—built on community wisdom from NetApp’s user base—increase the efficiencies of a company’s infrastructure and help resolve potential issues to keep data flowing.

NetApp’s massive user base is an unmatched source of community wisdom, with billions of data points that are gathered daily from over 300,000 Data Fabric solutions. We extract insights from this data with cloud-based analytics to deliver actionable intelligence. Elio’s cognitive computing and the Active IQ machine learning, included with all NetApp systems, accelerate access to these collective insights to save time through a transformed customer experience.

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