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For Disasters Big or Small, iland DRaaS is Resilient Through All

Gizzelle Akin, Solutions Advisor, Structured

By Gizzelle Akin

Being headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, a common topic of conversation is Cascadia — The Big One — the deadly and potentially past-due earthquake that will cause prolonged violent shaking, a devastating tsunami, and will wipe out significant infrastructure across the region.

When meeting with customers, I often ask “What is your strategy for when Cascadia hits?” hoping to trigger dialog around the resiliency of their network. In reality, if Cascadia does hit, internet services could be down for weeks. Getting our business networks back up will be secondary to fulfilling the basic human needs of water, food, and shelter — and reinstating effective emergency services and affiliate communications networks.

But even though most of us won’t be architecting a fool-proof Cascadia disaster recovery strategy anytime soon, there are numerous smaller physical “disasters” that can and do happen. They may not be on par with The Big One, but they can feel plenty huge if we are the ones responsible for maintaining uptime and end-user access to network resources and data.

For example, do you have a plan for when:

  • your building’s HVAC fails? (Data centers love AC!)
  • your building’s power goes out?
  • a water leak occurs in the data center?

Everyone knows they need to have a strategy in place to recover from a disaster, but for most organizations the cost and/or complexity of such solutions is a barrier.  Building out a secondary data center for “just in case” is a pipe dream for almost all IT budgets.

But help is available — and more accessible than you might imagine.

iland™ DRaaS

Structured has partnered with a company called iland — a Leader since 2016 in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Finally, reliable disaster recovery is achievable for companies of all sizes.  Instead of building full replica environments, iland DRaaS lets you pick mission-critical services and replicate those for immediate access in case of disaster.  This makes the barrier to entry much lower and easily scalable.

Whether you utilize physical or virtual infrastructure, iland’s DRaaS technology provides single click failover — complemented by a full human support team to assist if needed. iland has also given customers confidence that failover will be successful in any circumstance. Unlimited testing of disaster recovery failover is included with the service and without a risk to your production environment.

Finally, in contradiction to some other public cloud services, iland’s pricing is simple, flexible, and affordable. With iland taking the worry of disaster recovery off of your plate, you will actually have time to plan appropriately for when Cascadia hits!

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