Improve consumer experiences, safeguard data, empower employees, watch your business bloom

    • Overview

      Retailers are under more pressure than ever before to get it right. Consumers today expect a seamless mobile shopping experience – even when they’re standing in the middle of a brick-and-mortar store. They want every excursion to feel bespoke, complete with omnichannel continuity and highly personalized marketing and customer service. Retailers that capitalize on these “mobile moments” are winning the hearts, minds and wallets of an increasingly sophisticated clientele.

      Deloitte Consulting estimates mobile influenced, in-store retail sales will hit $689 billion this year alone. SOASTA, a leading analytics company trusted by the world’s top retailers, reports that 30% of all online shopping happens on mobile phones and predicts that number will continue to rise. Inside the store or out, mobile reigns. Companies that seize opportunities to leverage advanced technology and adapt to new consumer paradigms will be the ones to survive and thrive.

      Structured specializes in guiding companies through the process of selecting and implementing hardware and software products that will lower total cost of ownership, provide the biggest return on investment, and maximize competitive advantages. We understand business-to-consumer companies must deal with rising costs for raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and more – all with shrinking margins amidst fierce competition. Technology decisions matter: Businesses will build or break because of them.

      But, perhaps even weightier, are today’s regulatory requirements mandating the use of information security tools and processes to secure all cardholder data collected by merchants. Understanding the complexities of these standards, selecting the most effective security tools (and correctly configuring them!), and properly maintaining and updating all systems is difficult for even the largest of retailers – as evidenced by numerous highly public and embarrassing breaches in the last couple of years.

      These are complex issues, and you deserve a partner with experience, vision and skill. A partner who understands technology and your business model. Whether you’re determining the best way to improve wireless service and guest access in your stores; accommodate game changing analytics, merchandising, or distribution software with computing power on-premise, in the cloud, or both; or trying to protect financial information and company trade secrets, Structured is the partner you need when business gets serious.




    • Solutions

      Technology Solutions

      Exceed consumer expectations for flexible, fast and customized commerce in the store or on the web. Structured builds IT infrastructures that are responsive, secure, cost effective and forward thinking from the data center, to remote stores, to individuals at the endpoint.

      • Network design and implementation for data center infrastructure, mobility and wireless
      • Information security services and application-aware threat management to protect from network intrusion
      • Application delivery to enhance employee and consumer experiences on mobile endpoints like tablets and smartphones
      • Data management for business continuity, storage and computing solutions
      • Unified communications and collaboration with IP PBX and video conferencing, Microsoft Exchange and instant messaging

      Consulting Services

      Integration and professional services, purpose-built for organizations with a business-to-consumer model. From individual projects to full outsourcing.

      • Assessments and policy development
      • IT design and deployment
      • Managed IT and Infrastructure
      • Disaster recovery and business continuity testing

      Security Services

      Confront modern security threats and mitigate your risk without sacrificing potential. A Structured network security assessment provides a comprehensive analysis of traditional and new-age threats that target your infrastructure.

      Wireless & Mobility Services

      Speed the deployment of mobility services and ensure the functionality of critical applications. Provide guests with customized, seamless and robust wireless access inside brick-and-mortar locations to enhance shopping experiences.  Empower employees to deliver top flight service on the floor or behind the register.

    • Partners