Service Providers

    Building networks that clamor for more subscribers, more applications and more bandwidth - all at the same time

    • Overview

      Service Providers continue to witness disruptive changes to network operation and consumption. While Internet service was initially a place for hypertext experiences, it has since become a conduit for rich media, a place where social networking and content sharing come to life, and a fabric for cloud computing.

      To allow these services to prosper and keep customer engaged, the network itself must change. It must enable a growing ecosystem that includes over-the-top (OTT) service applications, an array of network-enabled household devices, and third-party application providers to create a never­ ending stream of innovative services.

      Meeting these challenges requires rethinking the role of the network.  This re-envisioned network will have to combine scale in bandwidth, subscribers, and services with simplicity in architecture, yet have the ability to respond flexibly to application and user requirements.

      In this changing environment, Structured helps service providers build flexible, scalable, and secure networks that meet these requirements and deliver profitable services for sustainable success.

    • Solutions

      Service Provider Team

      Structured’s service provider team is composed of industry experts that understand the unique and evolving service provider environment.

      • Vendor certified systems & implementation engineers
      • Experienced service provider account managers
      • Compliance experts
      • PMP Certified project managers
      • CISSP Certified solutions architects
      • PCI Certification

      Technology Solutions

      Structured has partnered with industry leaders to provide infrastructure that allows service providers to foster service model innovation, while building operational agility to adapt with demands.

      • Hardware procurement for building scalable and redundant networks
      • Mobile backhaul and edge delivery to accommodate a wide range of deployments
      • Network design and implementation for data center, service infrastructure and wireless
      • Cloud and data center solutions to deliver highly scalable, secure, virtualized applications and over-the-top (OTT) services
      • Data security services to protect from next-generation threats, denial of service attacks, intrusion attempts and advanced persistent threats

      Consulting Services

      Professional Services tailored for specific service provider needs, providing resources to handle IT management needs, from individual projects to full outsourcing.

      • IT design and deployment
      • Hosted and turn-key cloud application delivery
      • Disaster recovery and business continuity testing
      • Assessments and policy development
      • Managed IT and Infrastructure

      Value Added Services

      Grow revenue, create deeper, more loyal relationships, and reach new segments by offering branded managed services to your enterprise and small business customers.

      • Managed backup and recovery services
      • Hosted firewall and network security
      • Managed Wi-Fi and wireless deployment
      • IT Infrastructure audit and assessments

      Industry Support/Involvement

      • Oregon Telecommunications Association
      • Washington Telecommunications Association
      • Alaska Telecommunications Association
      • Montana Telecommunications Association
      • NANOG

      IPv6 Consulting and Preparedness

      Structured provides a variety of IPv6 consulting services that will guide you through a successful transition to the next generation of Internet addressing.

      Whether your goal is a quick and simple deployment of IPv6 at the edge of your network, a dual stack implementation that supports both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously, or an IPv6-only network, Structured can help you achieve your objectives.

      Network Vulnerability Assessment

      Structured provides a customized approach and understanding for each organization in an assessment of current security posture and risk. Our consultants understand the business drivers and organizational goals that our clients are faced with, allowing us to create custom solutions for the environment.

    • Partners