More data. More users. More applications and workloads, spanning private data centers and multiple clouds. Can your network and security keep pace with high expectations an unyielding business? If your network is aging or outdated, you're at risk. Time for a network refresh! 

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EX Series Ethernet Switches

These cloud-grade switches are designed for the converged enterprise branch, campus, and data center, and for service providers. They address growing enterprise demands for high availability, unified communications, and virtualization.

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QFX Series Switches

QFX Series switches satisfy the needs of today’s most demanding enterprise and service provider data center environments. This high-performance, high-density platform is designed for top-of-rack, end-of-row, and spine-and-core aggregation deployments.

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Data Center Switching Architectures

Juniper switches provide the high-performance, high-density platforms required to build innovative data center fabrics that scale to thousands of ports.

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Are you puzzling over how to automate, secure and modernize your data center, remote sites, and cloud environments? If your network is aging, or even outdated, you are at risk. At risk of being eclipsed by agile competitors, higher fines for noncompliance, more downtime from failures, higher maintenance and replacement costs, and -- perhaps most critically -- at risk of security breaches. 

Trust Structured and Juniper to provide the pieces missing from your network modernization plans.  With us, you'll build secure and automated networks that easily support multiple clouds. Contact us today via the form above to set an appointment and discuss how a network refresh may solve your IT puzzle.  As a token of our thanks, we'll provide a $50 Amazon gift card.  But get in touch soon - this offer is limited!