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Maximize the Value of Health IT and Transform the Chain of Care

Unprecedented access to information anytime and anywhere is fueling the demand for personalized service delivery in every sector, including healthcare. At the same time, escalating costs are driving a keen focus on a lean model of managed care intended to boost the bottom line. Treatment centers worldwide are embracing mobility to streamline clinician workflows and improve patient experience. Simultaneously, healthcare organization leaders must comply with stringent patient privacy and cybersecurity regulations.

More than 7 million patient records have been exposed since 2010 due to hacking or unauthorized access.

The significant surge in network-connected devices coupled with a rapidly expanding and increasingly vulnerable attack surface raise concerns for hospital chief information security officers (CISOs). Maintaining real-time visibility of all devices and user activity on the network is a monumental task. The average hospital supports hundreds of different types of devices featuring a dizzying array of network cards and operating systems. CISOs know that the IT staff is overwhelmed trying to stay on top of vulnerabilities and potential breaches. Malicious actors, inside and outside the healthcare organization, know what security practitioners are up against as they remain poised to attack.

Structured + Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company = Viable and Reliable IT and Mobility Solutions 

Structured is a leading IT consultancy and systems integrator that collaborates with healthcare organizations to develop and implement secure and scalable IT strategies and infrastructures designed to drive better health outcomes. After analyzing existing systems, Structured articulates a roadmap informed by market-leading processes and technology solutions precisely aligned with health system priorities. With strengths in every discipline across health IT, Structured is the ideal partner for building medical-grade IT environments.

Turning 25 this year, Structured remains at the forefront of constantly evolving trends in the dynamic health IT landscape. Combining vision, perspective, and superior engineering skills with business acumen and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Structured specializes in on-premises and cloud-based application delivery and virtualization, information security, data availability, and enterprise networking solutions. Structured enables health systems to optimize resources, streamline operations, minimize risk, reduce costs, enhance profitability, improve patient engagement and, most importantly, deliver quality care.

As an Aruba Platinum Partner, Structured expertly integrates Aruba Mobile First technologies that help healthcare organizations visualize all devices and users on the network in real time, automatically enforce security policies, quickly and reliably access patient data, and meet all regulatory compliance requirements.

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