Technology is outpacing our ability to secure it. Despite substantial spending on legacy security products, advanced attackers are bypassing these defenses at will and spreading unchallenged. There’s no single technical answer. There’s no legislative fix. Bad guys will always exist, and determined attackers will always innovate.

FireEye is reimagining security. Organizations are looking for a strategic defense partner to protect them over the long haul. This partner must be able to innovate as fast as attackers —and adapt as customers’ needs grow. It isn’t about “outsourcing” security. It’s about investing in the knowledge and expertise of a company that is 100% focused on detecting, analyzing, and resolving today’s threats.

Organizations want a partner that can help them go from alert to fix in minutes and scale service up or down as threats and needs evolve. They need a single vendor that can help simplify and streamline their infrastructure — one trusted resource they can rely on for technology, intelligence, and expertise to forge a unified defense against cyber attackers. This is the FireEye approach.