Kenna Security

The Kenna Security Platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution
that delivers the most informed and accurate risk prioritization
available, enabling security and IT operations teams to take a
risk-based approach to vulnerability management by prioritizing
and proactively managing the vulnerabilities that matter most.
Leveraging Cyber Risk Context Technology™, the platform
combines 15+ exploit intelligence sources, 3+ billion managed
vulnerabilities, global attack telemetry, and remediation
intelligence to accurately track and measure real-world exploit
activity across the enterprise’s global attack surface. Using
predictive modeling technology, the platform can also accurately
forecast the future risk of vulnerabilities the instant they’re
discovered, allowing organizations to proactively manage risk.

Key Benefits
Accurately Measure Risk
Combine your vulnerability data, asset
information, and real-time threat intelligence
to get the most informed and accurate risk
assessment available.

Prioritize High-Risk Vulnerabilities
Efficiently prioritize and proactively manage
the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to the

Predict Future Exploits
Know the level of risk vulnerabilities pose—the
instant they’re discovered—with predictive
modeling technology.

Align IT and Security Efforts with
Business Objectives
Deliver a holistic and quantifiable view of
the organization’s risk posture, ensuring
organizational alignment and enabling
executive management to make data-driven
investment decisions.

Leverage Existing Investments
Integrate with your existing vulnerability
scanners, ticketing systems, and other security
infrastructure components to maximize
efficiency across the organization