Nimble Storage and Structured: A Strategic Partnership

Our Promise Is the Power of One: A Single Storage Architecture and Application Consolidation Platform

Most storage architectures were engineered to deliver just a single functional benefit: high performance or high capacity.

The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform is transforming this land of storage silos. Enterprises can use a single architectural approach to cater dynamically to varying workloads’ needs for performance and capacity, as well as data protection.

Only Nimble offers the Power of One: gain the benefits of consolidation, without compromising the ability to deliver the service levels required for specific workloads.

IT organizations that use the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform can predict, manage, and deliver the storage that is required to optimize applications and workloads across the enterprise.

We change the paradigm. Only Nimble Storage offers customers the performance of flash and the capacity of disk, and ensures the ability to tailor SLAs to individual workloads, all from a single platform

The Nimble Storage architecture gives enterprises the ability to efficiently scale performance and capacity non-disruptively from small to extremely large environments, and dramatically simplify management of the storage infrastructure. Our customers can realize the full potential of server virtualization, reduce costs, and gain greater business agility and responsiveness.