Tempered Networks

Hardened, Resilient and Simple Security

Tempered Networks provides a solution that addresses the fundamental vulnerabilities of IP-based communications with a completely different approach to cyber security. By ‘cloaking’ business critical systems and high value endpoints and assets, our solution effectively renders them invisible to all except trusted devices and systems. Vulnerability to APT (advanced persistent threats) and zero day attacks is significantly reduced, because the device footprint is cloaked; undetectable from the underlying network. Automated orchestration of security policies and trust relationships reduces human error and delivers enterprise scale requirements. The result: organizations can easily achieve network micro-segmentation that is less complex, more cost-efficient, and incredibly secure.

For more information, here’s a brief primer written by Dr. Andrei Gurtov, of the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, on how Tempered Networks uses the Host Identity Protocol (HIP): Host-Identity-Protocol-Andrei-Gurtov