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    Cloud Archive

    Helping control data storage costs through security-rich cloud-based archiving

    The lifecycle of your electronic data is the focus of numerous organizational considerations. It impacts revenue, business decisions, corporate reputations and end-user productivity.  The fact is, you need your data. You just don’t need all of it – all the time. Offloading that data into an archive can dramatically improve the efficiency of information storage, access, security, and compliance.

    Proper archiving solutions address a variety of business requirements, including legal discovery readiness, regulatory compliance and email storage optimization.  Structured’s Cloud Archive solution provides the ease of use, cost savings, accessibility, and security that enterprises require to efficiently manage data archives and stay compliant.

    How does a Cloud Archive benefit your business?

    • Cost savings: Shift storage to a pay as you go model and reduce IT management
    • Regulatory compliance: Policy-driven archiving solution aligning compliance with regulations
    • E-discovery: Sharing of data for litigation purposes in a timely and compliant manner
    • Storage management:  Managing the lifecycle of your data and offloading non-critical data
    • Knowledge Management:  Safeguard your organization from accidental or deliberate deletion of vital data