Your hybrid cloud strategy requires answers, but are you asking the right questions?

The one-day, no-cost Structured and NetApp® Cloud Enablement Workshop accelerates your cloud transition by providing a hybrid cloud architecture plan that asks the right questions:

•  Which cloud delivery models best address my business needs?

•  Which applications should move to the cloud?

•  What hardware, software, and networking components are required?

•  How does the implementation process work?

•  How much will it cost to deploy the hybrid cloud solution? 

The Cloud Enablement Workshop results in five key deliverables:

√  Cloud map. Identifies viable cloud options.

√  Workload affinity map. Prioritizes workloads to move to the cloud.

√  Transformation plan. Provides a list of proposed projects and the tasks and processes required for implementation.

√  Budgetary framework. Offers cost models for hardware, software, and cloud services.

√  Milestone chart. Develops a schedule for project delivery.

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Six Benefits of a Cloud Enablement Workshop


Build a cloud strategy that aligns to your business goals


Determine which workloads to move to the cloud


Attain clarity for the
time and cost of deployment


Accelerate the delivery of cloud storage services


Design and implement an actionable roadmap for transformation


Gain insight from industry leaders and highly-certified engineers