Cloud services

    Cloud Firewall and Endpoint Security Solutions

    Cloud-based protection for the next-generation of platforms. This is security that enables - not inhibits - innovation

    • Overview

      New technological capabilities come with new vulnerabilities. Operating with data in the Cloud and on mobile platforms opens exposure to a whole new series of threats that in the past had never been considered.

      From this next-generation of platforms you need a security tools designed to be flexible and help protect workloads in whatever form you use the cloud, be it Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS).

      At Structured, we bridge your existing security investments with the latest technologies, crafting an integrated system that includes traditional IT, private, public and hybrid cloud models. Using advanced firewall services and end point solutions throughout the cloud, we help you enhance your security operations for efficiency and quick response to threats.

    • Solutions

      Security needs to enable—not inhibit—innovation. Cloud-based security management from Structured features a new approach that can reduce risk while helping you better manage your information security—and meet the demands of a highly dynamic IT platform.

      Cloud Firewall: your next-generation firewall, deployed in the Cloud so you can block lateral movement of cyber threats, isolate mission critical applications and apply zero-trust principles

      Cloud End Point Security: integrated security and management that accounts for the range of devices employees use

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