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      In today’s business IT landscape, flexibility and speed are essential to success. That’s why it’s no surprise that more companies are turning to Cloud-based tools to give them the freedom they need to grow and accommodate clients near and far.

      But, would you consider moving your phone system to the Cloud?

      When your communications services are in the cloud, you can collaborate with ease, manage costs, and simplify what it takes to keep your business up-and-running.  Leveraging the Cloud allows you to deploy phones easily and provision unified communications applications on-demand. And, with added business intelligence tools embedded into the platform you can make better decisions than ever before that affect your bottom-line.

      Structured offers the ShoreTel Sky, Cloud hosted solution:

      • ShoreTel Sky’s premium managed phone system offers both private and public cloud connectivity for ultimate choice and flexibility
      • End-users manage voicemail, address book and personalized call handling settings via an easyto-use web portal
      • Managers use the web portal to administer moves/adds/changes, access the visual call flow editor, and monitor account activity
      • ShoreTel Sky provides end-user support so you don’t have to; help is only a button away
      • Contact center functionality is bundled with the phone service—there’s no need to buy separate technology
      • Additional feature integrations include ondemand conference calling, clickto-dial, call recording, phone campaign analysis, call barging, hunt and ring groups and more
      • ShoreTel Sky Mobility extends office phone functionality to worker’s smartphones and mobile devices to put the power of unified communications in their pockets
      • ShoreTel Sky Fax sends and receives with no additional hardware needed; ShoreTel Sky Scribe transcribes voice messages into readable voicemail and text files

      Not ready to move entirely to the Cloud?  Try a hybrid-optimized solution.

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