Network Assessment, Architecture, Design and Documentation

    Leverage the knowledge and expertise of a partner to define a network and infrastructure road map.

    Routinely assessing your information technology infrastructure provides you with valuable insight into how your systems perform and how it impacts your business. Structured will methodically examine your IT infrastructure and your business processes and show you ways to improve how you access, use and store information.

    A Structured Networks Assessment examines the following key elements:

    • Current Environment – Structured will determine the performance of your current environment by examining your existing hardware (e.g., servers, storage, and networking) and your critical software applications.
    • Network Requirements – Structured will evaluate your LAN and WAN for important characteristics like manageability, scalability, bandwidth demands, availability and utilization.
    • Security – Structured will assess your network security at every layer­ including firewalls, network intrusion detection and prevention, email and content management, access control and endpoint security.
    • Voice and Mobility – Structured will study your network and your processes to find areas where voice and mobility solutions can yield business benefits, such as eliminating redundant equipment (wireless networking) or centralizing multi-site telecommunications (VoIP).

    A formal network assessment can provide tremendous insight into how your technology works for you and identify where you can make improvements. Accordingly, Structured documents the analysis and follows-up with our expert support. The resulting evaluation document details findings and the recommended solutions.

    Structured’s consultants will then present the findings to your company’s key members. They’ll illustrate how different networking solutions can improve worker productivity, protect the security and integrity of your information, maximize the value you get out of your existing technology, and simplify system administration and management.