Data Center Services in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Beyond

    Data Protection and Recovery

    Drive operational efficiencies by reducing backup time, improving data recovery, and cutting infrastructure, tape, and administrative costs.

    There’s no question the availability of information drives the success of today’s real-time business.  Yet, ensuring this ideal is more than a simple IT task.  Modern data protection involves the effective data backup, equipment redundancy and information archival of that information that you deem critical for your business.

    This is all made more complex by the diversity of today’s information users—many of whom now access information through 24×7 via SaaS applications and mobile devices that have resulted in unpredictable information utilization patterns, processing needs and security requirements.

    The accessibility, availability and resiliency of your data should be job number at your organization.

    Structured Solutions

    Structured specializes in data protection solutions to meet the needs of today’s information-driven businesses by offering:

    • Archiving and Compliance
    • Backup service configuration and deployment
    • Managed Backup Services
    • Cloud Backup and Recovery

    Fabric Switching Partners