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    Fabric Switching Solutions

    Deliver the agile and efficient network foundation required for today’s complex data centers and cloud.

    A flat, single-tier network solution designed for large scale data centers and clouds where architectural simplicity is highly valued.  A Fabric Switching solution is composed of multiple components working together as a single switch to provide high-performance, any-to-any connectivity and management simplicity in the data center. This concept flattens the entire data center network to a single tier where all access points are equal, eliminating the effects of network locality and making it the ideal network foundation for cloud-ready, virtualized data centers.

    Why should you consider a Fabric Switching solution in your data center?

    Along with partners, Structured’s Fabric Switching solutions improve data center and application performance with low latency and converged services in a non-blocking, lossless architecture that supports Layer 2, Layer 3, and Fiber Channel over Ethernet capabilities.  Other benefits include;

    • Single-Switch Management greatly simplifies data center operations with less complexity and lower power, space, cooling, and operational costs.
    • Carrier-Class Solution requires no downtime for reconfiguration or maintenance.
    • Scales to Thousands of Ports within a single-tier network in a “pay-as-you-grow” model.

    Fabric Switching Partners

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