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    Designed to keep to keep your infrastructure available, accelerated and secure

    As businesses grow and networks become more complex and geographically disparate, the importance of managing bandwidth across the LAN and WAN become critical to keeping costs low and security high.

    To keep today’s data center efficient and meet business requirements, key challenges exist. Load balancing solutions a key technology in maintaining the availability of applications, scaling current infrastructure, consolidating resources and staff requirements, and keeping networks secure calls for an efficient solution.

    Why should you consider load balancing in your data center?

    The benefits of load balancing – both on a local and a global scale – include:

    • Local Load Balancing
    • Less risk of security breaches
    • Increased agility
    • Transparent scalability
    • Reduced server and bandwidth cost

    Global Load Balancing

    • Improved business continuity
    • Lower management costs
    • Geographic load balancing

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