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    Virtualization and Virtual Security

    Transform your data center into a flexible, virtualized infrastructure with the performance, security and reliability to run the most demanding applications

    Virtualization has dramatically improved data center agility, efficiency, and resource availability. By decoupling the data and applications from the physical resources they run on, IT organizations have the flexibility to manage resources in new ways that allow them to meet changing workload demands.  Although server virtualization is the most common use case, the principles of virtualization can apply to any IT resource—including storage, networks, applications, and operating systems.


    • Server Virtualization
    • Storage Virtualization
    • Desktop Virtualization
    • Application Virtualization
    • Network Virtualization

    Why should you consider virtualization in your data center?

    Structured’s Virtualization solutions help businesses reduce total cost of ownership by reducing the number of physical servers found in the data center and by requiring less power while increasing security and management capabilities.

    By moving to a more virtualized environment, businesses can enjoy:

    • Consolidation: Enterprises can boost hardware utilization by up to 80 percent.
    • Reduced hardware costs: With greater utilization of existing resources, fewer physical servers are required.
    • Increased flexibility: Virtualization simplifies the creation of different operating system environments, making application migration and legacy application support more effective.
    • Enhanced testing and deployment capabilities: Virtualization accelerates the development and testing process.

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