Enterprise Mobility & Wireless Solutions

    Increase productivity and security with a complete enterprise mobility management solution

    Enterprises must re-evaluate existing mobility management strategies to account for the increase in complexity, including the growth of bring-your-own desktops and laptops and the need to support Windows apps and desktops on any device.

    Enterprise Mobility and Wireless solutions allow your organization to securely provide access to the apps and data people need to do their jobs effectively no matter where they are or what devices they use.

    Structured Enterprise Mobility and Wireless solutions empower employees to work from anywhere while providing full security, granular control and an uncompromised user experience. These solutions helps you deliver all the apps your users need for true mobility – including mobile, SaaS, web, and Windows apps – all in an integrated, comprehensive and secure solution.

    What is included in an Enterprise Mobility and Wireless solution?

    Rethink your enterprise mobility management strategy – most organizations have strategies in place to manage devices, apps and data, but these strategies are evolving.  Structured Enterprise Mobility and Wireless solutions consider the following areas:

    • Mobile Device Management
    • Enterprise file sharing
    • Application and desktop delivery
    • Application delivery controller and load-balancing
    • Security workspace encompassing the entire solution
    • Network Access control and device onboarding

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