Mobility Readiness Assessment and Design

    Speed the deployment of mobility services and ensure the functionality of critical applications

    • Overview

      Ready or not, many organizations are thrust into enterprise mobility projects. In the business world, this enables end users to be productive in a number of new ways but also introduces challenges to IT as they try to figure out how to deliver the applications and data that their users need in a secure and controlled way.

      The Mobility Readiness Assessment is designed to review your current environment, applications and data, and methods for mobile device management and control to identify areas of improvement that will provide a good end user experience.  We conduct in-depth interviews with IT support leaders, business managers and end-users to establish business drivers, policies, procedures, capabilities and end-user support.

      What is included in a Mobility Readiness Assessment?

      The Mobility Readiness Assessment includes the following activities and deliverables:

      Application Readiness – Structured will work with your organization to assess your top applications that need to be delivered to your end users through company supported mobile devices. The deliverables from this phase include:

      • A list of top applications to be delivered to mobile devices
      • Recommended methods for delivering the applications to the devices

      Data Readiness – Structured will work with your organization to determine how users will access data within your environment using company supported mobile devices. This includes:

      • Corporate File Sharing Solutions
      • Datacenter Storage Solutions
      • Data Archiving Solutions
      • Collaboration Tools

      Datacenter Readiness – Structured will work with your organization to assess the current state of your datacenter environment and its readiness for the added load of mobile users. This includes:

      • Network Connectivity (LAN / WAN / WiFi / VPN)
      • Virtual Infrastructure
      • Server and Storage Systems
      • Data Protection
      • High Availability / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

      Mobile Device Management Readiness – Structured will work with your organization to assess how mobile devices are managed today and provide recommendations for improvement. This includes:

      • Mobile Adoption Preference υ Applications to Mobilize
      • Mobile Policies
      • Acceptable Risk Levels
      • Maturity Desired (Basic – Active Sync or Advanced – Mobile Device Management)