Wireless Infrastructure and Access Management

    Mobility that both users and IT can count on.

    The boundaries of IT’s domain now extend beyond the business walls and the expectation is that users can connect and access information from anywhere.  All this, without sacrificing security.  In this reality, how does IT maintain visibility and control?

    The answer.  With a clear understanding of where devices are being used, the information they are accessing and the critical details of that device.

    Network access control and management solutions offered by Structured offer an approach to that gives IT a simple way to build a foundation for device on-boarding and provision that provides enterprise-wide policies around device access with strong security and enhanced user experience.

    How does this wireless infrastructure and access management benefit my business?

    The Mobility Readiness Assessment includes the following activities and deliverables:

    • Provides policies and access services that support wireless, wired and VPN environments
    • Controls networks privileges based on real-time contextual data-user roles, device types, location and time of day
    • Device profiling that identifies types and attributes for everything that connects
    • Integration that incorporates functionality from a variety of different partners

    Wireless Infrastructure and Access Management Partnerships: