Lifecycle & Managed Services

    Managed Infrastructure

    A logical and economical extension of your IT team. Equipped with the tools, the expertise and the delivery framework to provide business-aligned and secure IT solutions.

    • Overview

      Your business is only as strong as the technology platform that supports it. And, as IT becomes increasingly complex with more locations, devices and advanced technology, the difficulty of managing it all multiplies. The question is, does your IT team?

      You have better things to do with your time and resources.

      Managed Infrastructure services from Structured can provide single-source solutions to help you build, monitor, manage and support your enterprise and data center networks. Our skilled staff, proactive monitoring and management system coupled with cutting-edge technology help reduce network complexity and gain optimal performance for your business in a single or multivendor environment. And that allows your employees to focus on core competencies.

      Find a solution that fully leverages the efficiencies and capabilities of managed IT services, without wasting investments you may have already made in premise-based systems.

      Data Center Infrastructure: Partner and automate to manage your critical IT operations
      Cloud: Take advantage of the Cloud as a platform for your business operations and applications.  We’ll help you take the leap.
      Network: Gain the ability to simplify and automate network management to enhance availability and better manage costs
      Backup and Disaster Recovery: Improve business continuity and avoid costly downtime
      Mobility: Unleash the potential of your workforce, allowing productivity anytime, anywhere and from any device.
      Security: Strengthen your information security defenses and lower your costs

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