Professional Services

    Assessment, Design, Configuration, Deployment & Support Services

    Lifecycle consulting services that help you make the most of your IT investment

    Technology is no longer resigned to a department within a business.  Today, technology has the opportunity to become the platform for business, interwoven throughout functions and interconnecting departments.

    IT lifecycle and Professional Services from Structured can help you achieve this ideal, by meeting business challenges of with greater agility, lower cost, faster time-to-market, and enabling new styles of engagement. We bring together a comprehensive portfolio of design and architecture, integration, transformative IT strategy services, world class support, and training and certification so you can become a valued business partner to your stakeholders.

    Getting started. Structured consultants define high-level strategies and roadmaps; build business cases, interoperability studies and transition strategies. This is a methodology and approach to manage the risk of change without impacting business continuity.

    Through this process we’re working to align on a common vision, assess your IT network and current state, architect, design, deploy and ongoing support, all with constant validation against your common vision and operational realities.

    Assessment Services

    • Network – network performance and interoperability
    • Storage – capacity planning and efficiency utilization
    • Security and Penetration Testing – test your network security posture
    • PCI Assessment – testing your alignment with the Payment Card Industry
    • Virtualization – health check of your VMware, Microsoft or Citrix virtualized environment
    • Application Delivery Assessment – Application virtualization performance study

    Design and Deployment Services:

    • Planning – architecture and planning of proposed project
      • Network architecture
      • Storage Planning
      • Security Consulting
      • Unified Communications
    • Deployment – inspection, integration and setup of hardware and software.
    • Testing – strenuous testing to ensure successful implementation of deployment.
    • Customer Orientation – end-user training that demonstrates successful installation, reviews basic trouble shooting, and answers user questions.

    Managed and Support Services