Professional Services

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    Emergency Response Services

    Adding resources and expertise to your incident response.

    Security breaches. Systems failures. Power outages and failed recoveries.

    Technology incidents can have devastating consequences for any business, resulting in operational disruption, data leaks, brand and reputational damage and regulatory violations.  Above your mitigation and prevention plans, it is also prudent to consider your emergency response efforts.

    Structured provides organizations with the computer forensics and incident response services that are needed into today’s high-risk environments.  These offerings are appropriate for businesses of all sizes and are useful in many inter-company departments, ranging from legal to HR.

    Mitigate Risk

    Structured’s Emergency Response services can help to ensure that an organizations resources are safe, but the landscape is constantly changing and is infinitely challenging.

    Incident Response

    Even the most elaborate systems can fail or be compromised, and once an organization has been breached a timely and effective response is essential for damage control.   To that end, these solutions enable businesses to:

    • Assess the incident
    • Contain the damage
    • Pinpoint the intrusion vector, failed system
    • Fix the vulnerability or deficiency
    • Assess the damage
    • Protect against future attacks, failure