Professional Services

    Remediation, Performance Monitoring & Testing Services

    Helping you find IT problems, before they are problems.

    Resiliency and Remediation

    Organizational best practices dictate routine identification of resources in their infrastructure to improve operation efficiency, save money and reduce vulnerabilities.  Structured provides complete baseline testing analysis and auditing services to help IT departments assess new and existing environments by implementing automated discovery for networks across multiple locations.

    Once a network has been assessed, Structured can assist in determining the status of all systems by utilizing the latest in vulnerability scanners.  The resulting data is then analyzed by an experienced security professional and remedial steps can be implemented.

    Performance Monitoring and Testing

    Structured utilizes a proven process for monitoring and testing that involves the simulation of a large number of concurrent users, managing the System Under Test (SUT), collecting diagnostic data, analyzing the collected data, and engineering performance improvements into the SUT. This rigorous process is repeated until the performance goal is reached.

    Performance engineering is essential in making a system reliable, cost-effective and easy to manage.Structured’s approach to Performance monitoring and Testing include:

    • Modeling the test environment after a production environment
    • Realistically simulating a user load
    • Managing the system under test
    • Collecting diagnostic data on every machine
    • Analyzing Data