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    • Overview

      The need to protect against information security threats has never been greater. Traditional challenges and concerns—including extensive regulatory requirements, sophisticated targeted attacks, and the erosion of perimeter-centric security models—are now compounded by dynamic enterprise cloud architectures, device proliferation, and flat networks with fewer natural demarcation points.

      This is a daunting reality.  Is your organization ready for today’s security challenges?

      Pause for a moment to consider a pragmatic approach encompassing the full spectrum of your new security perimeter – which happens to be everything and everyone in and around your network.  Today, you need to accommodate a holistic, connected model that analyzes the threats outside the network and the dangers that lie within. In short, you need a policy-driven information security approach that you can enforce and monitor.

      Meet the Team

      Ty 2Ty Trabosh, Chief Technology Officer

      Ty Trabosh provides vision, direction, and executive management supporting Structured’s growing technical teams, including those for Professional Services, Managed Services, Service Desk, and Project Management.

    • Solutions

      Structured offers comprehensive security and compliance solutions designed to address specific industry mandates, adapt to infrastructure changes and accommodate dynamic networks.  All this, in order to help you reduce risk, ensure compliance and improve operational efficiency.

      Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC): Guidance and insight for your unique business.

      PCI Assessment, Auditing and Compliance Services:  Achieve your compliance goals and build a sustainable program regardless of where you are in the compliance cycle. Vulnerability Management: Protect your environment with the first vulnerability management platform for today’s modern assets – cloud, containers, web apps and more. Unify IT and OT security for complete visibility.

      Security Policy Development and Review: Balance requirements to be secure, vigilant and resilient with your appetite for cyber risk.

      Next Gen Firewall and Advanced Malware Protection: Protect your virtual and physical networks, applications and data against sophisticated threats—including known, unknown, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

      Security Gateway and Threat Management Solutions: Centralize network security management with integrated security policy, response and visibility across all network security devices.

      SIEM, Logging & Data Loss Prevention Solutions: Event correlation and security analytics to identify and prioritize threats in real time and enable early incident remediation.

      Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation: A proactive approach to security and integrated information correlation, application analysis and network-level defense.

      Secure Remote Access Solutions: Enable authorized users, including employees, telecommuters, mobile workers, contractors, and guests to have safe, secure, remote and LAN-based network access.

      Emergency Incident Response Services: Meeting you at the point of alert, create swift incident response capabilities for your cyber defense team.

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