Cybersecurity Services in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Beyond

    Secure Remote Access Solutions

    Enable authorized users, including employees, telecommuters, mobile workers, contractors, and guests to have safe, secure, remote and LAN-based network access.

    Mobile devices are essential business tools, and the need for secure remote connectivity to corporate resources is a significant concern for security administrators.  Structured has partnered with leading technology vendors to provide the most comprehensive options currently available on the market to securely connect an increasingly mobile workforce.
    Utilize anytime, anywhere access and to business critical files and applications using secure socket layer virtual private network connectivity.   Verify the state of the end-user, including patch and antivirus condition, that’s attempting to connect by utilizing network access control. Deploy and manage remote access across small teams and entire organizations, and know that only authorized users can access key resources.

    Structured’s Secure Remote Access Partners: