Cybersecurity Services in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Beyond

    Security Gateway and Threat Management Solutions

    Centralize network security management with integrated security policy, response and visibility across all network security devices.

    Securing your Distributed Enterprise is challenging and complex. With applications moving to the cloud and more devices accessing the network, distributed enterprise offices are more vulnerable to emerging threats than ever before.

    Structured offers a comprehensive set of solutions that are designed to provide security across all facets of computer networks.

    Security Gateway

    Structured’s Security Gateway services provide comprehensible, flexible and extensible security solutions that keep security operations effective, simple and affordable.

    Designed to integrate Firewall, intrusion prevention, web security, anti-malware and other essential security functions into one hardware or software device, these solutions can vastly simplify network topology while ensuring effective security.

    Threat Management

    Structured provides Unified Threat Management, discovery and remediation solutions that cover the complete threat lifecycle.

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