Cybersecurity Services in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Beyond

    Security Policy development and review

    Balance requirements to be secure, vigilant and resilient with your appetite for cyber risk

    Security policy planning and development services from Structured help clients rapidly create and deploy comprehensive security policies, standards, guidelines and operating procedures designed to align with best practices and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

    Structured comprehensively examines IT security policies by identifying how critical information is processed, stored and transported both in the physical and virtual realms. Once all vulnerabilities have been identified, Structured delivers a complete assessment detailing the security weaknesses, as well as the best solutions to reduce and mitigate those weaknesses.

    As part of the services, Structured experts evaluate clients’ existing policies and practices to help ensure documentation is developed in accordance with business goals as well as the regulatory framework for information security management.

    How do Security Policy Development services benefit my business?

    • Supports the security policy demands of regulatory compliance
    • Helps implement the appropriate security policies for your organization
    • Helps reduce security cost and complexity while managing risk and optimizing resources
    • Leverages expertise from security professionals who know how to properly define security requirements, make policy management decisions and document clear, robust policies
    • Sets a clear direction and strategy for information security management