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    SIEM, Logging & Data Loss Prevention Solutions

    Event correlation and security analytics to identify and prioritize threats in real time and enable early incident remediation.

    Security Incident and Event Management is an enterprise solution that consolidates log source event data from thousands of devices distributed across a network, storing every activity in its raw form, and then performing immediate correlation activities to distinguish the real threats from false positives. It also captures real-time network flow data and, more uniquely, application payloads, using deep packet inspection technology. In the end, providing real-time visibility for threat detection and prioritization.

    However, today’s networks are larger and more complex than ever before, and protecting them against malicious activity is a never-ending task. Organizations seeking to safeguard their data, protect their customer identities and avoid business disruptions need to do more than monitor logs and network flow data; they need to leverage advanced tools to detect these activities in a consumable manner.

    How can SIEM and Data Loss Prevention benefit my business?

    • Monitor security events: Events from firewalls, virtual private networks, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems and more
    • Monitor network events: Events from switches, routers, servers, hosts and more
    • Detect network activity context: Layer 7 application context from network and application traffic
    • User or asset context: Contextual data from identity and access-management products and vulnerability scanners
    • Operating system information: Vendor name and version number specifics for network assets
    • Application logs: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), workflow, application databases, management platforms and more