Cybersecurity Services in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Beyond

    Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

    A proactive approach to security and integrated information correlation, application analysis and network-level defense.

    Vulnerabilities emerge every day within new networks, Web applications and databases. They may occur due to software defects or misconfigurations of information systems. Because they can be exploited by cyber attackers, it is essential to eliminate these exposures to protect your critical IT assets and safeguard sensitive information.

    Structured’s Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation services help organizations protect their infrastructure by discovering vulnerable systems and providing tools to manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle.

    A range of services to provide complete security awareness

    Structured’s approach include the following:

    Vulnerability Assessments
    Identifying vulnerabilities in networks – both in computer networks as well as in the policies and practices that surround these systems – is very important. These assessments ascertain the services offered by hosts, and if the policies and procedures in place are in line with company and industry standards for security.

    Penetration Testing
    A penetration test is a simulation of an outside attack and identifies exploitable risks.  As a multi-faceted test, Structured will:

    • Attempt to take control of the host system
    • Document steps taken
    • Attempt to gain control of any production system
    • Provide remediation assistance
    • Determine if system configurations are in line with regulatory compliances

    Configuration Audit
    Regulatory Compliance Requirements are often difficult to decipher and even more difficult to apply to a complex infrastructure.  Structured’s services will ensure that all systems are properly configured to meet even the most stringent of regulations.