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St. Cecilia Takes Leap of Faith with Structured Managed Services

Operating with a network built from the ground up by the community it supported, St. Cecilia School in Beaverton, Oregon knew it was time to update and streamline their infrastructure when configuration conflicts regularly left them insecure and inefficient. Previously, local parents from the community had donated time and gear, spending endless nights building computers and servers from “boxes of parts,” said Sr. Diana Oakley, Technology Educator at St. Cecilia.

“They had day jobs and were as helpful as they could possibly be,” added Oakley, “but it quickly became apparent that I needed some bigger support maintaining servers, chasing and fixing configuration issues in the network, firewall, and wireless access.”

Due to increased usage demand, quality of education became more dependent on the health of the network. “Students give up easily,” explained Oakley. “It is a huge frustration to the teachers and a loss of time to switch activities if the network isn’t working properly.”

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