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StarLeaf: Bringing Star Trek’s Video Conferencing Capabilities to Our Universe

By Gizzelle Akin, Structured UC Solutions Advisor

Like any good Star Trek fan, I follow a number of Star Trek-related Twitter accounts. Recently, a Tweet popped up in my feed from @PaulLomax that said “The most unbelievable aspect of the Star Trek Universe is that every ship they meet has compatible video conferencing facilities…”

For those of you who haven’t seen the show…..Starship A from one planet will come across Starship B from another planet during their space travel.  Species from the two planets may have never interacted before, but with the push of a button or quick vocal command, they are able to instantly establish a video call.

Up until a few months ago, I would have totally agreed with the sentiment of @PaulLomax.

Structured has locations around the United States and each one has a traditional video conferencing system. In my seven years at the company, I can’t remember ever using one of them.  Set up was intimidating and many of the offices were on disparate hardware that couldn’t communicate.

That all changed when we learned about StarLeaf – a cloud-based video conferencing solution that is hardware agnostic, has no per-user licensing fees, and is easy to use!

The StarLeaf Cloud replaces the management server in traditional video deployments and routes calls to the person/device you are trying to reach. It can also translate between various signaling protocols (WebRTC, SIP, and H.323) to create cross-manufacturer communication — an historically challenging feat in the video world.

The concept was exciting enough to us that we invested in StarLeaf Cloud licensing, and even in new StarLeaf video endpoints, for all of our offices. Now, there is a video call happening almost every day in our environment. Users can communicate through whichever device they want — phone, tablet, laptop, third-party room system manufacturer, or even Skype for Business — without having to verify what hardware is being used or asking IT to drop everything and set up a video conference.

Could you imagine Captain Picard having to call Geordi every time he needed to establish a video connection with another ship???

So, by the time the Federation launches the first crew into space, I’m certain that cross-platform video manufacturers like StarLeaf will have provided the technological foundation for that first successful interspecies spaceship video call.