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Structured Announces New Partnership with Tempered Networks

Alliance fortifies Structured’s arsenal of security solutions for the nation’s critical infrastructure networks.

Massive power outages. Poisoned water supplies. Nuclear meltdown. Global financial ruin.  Are these imminent threats posed by terrorist cyber hackers to our country’s critical infrastructure systems or simply relics of bygone days?

According to Structured and Tempered Networks, it could be the latter.

Tempered Networks, a fast-ascending security company devoted to “cloaking” high value business critical systems like point-of-sale devices, payment kiosks, industrial controls (e.g. ICS, SCADA, DCS networks), HVAC systems, and vital server assets in data centers, recently authorized Structured to represent its hardened HIPswitch™ product line in the marketplace.  Structured, a veteran technology systems integration company with a primary focus on IT security, is one of Tempered Networks’ earliest strategic partners, and sees an underserved segment of the market.

“Tempered Networks, with its differentiated approach to security for protecting business critical infrastructure, was just the partner we needed to complete our suite of security offerings,” said Ron Fowler, Structured president and CEO.   “These devices are easy to deploy and manage, mesh well with existing security infrastructure, and provide measurable benefit for our customers with the most rigorous security challenges and IT governance mandates.”

The list of companies that could utilize HIPswitch technology is staggering: Utilities, private energy, transportation, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment and more. Any company with devices that touch the Internet is a candidate.

“We see compelling use cases for this technology in nearly every customer environment we serve,” said Fowler.

Beyond the hardened security, part of what makes Tempered Networks so valuable is its ability to bridge the divide between the sometimes competing needs of Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT).  OT’s primary concern is availability, integrity and throughput, while IT’s core mission is security, control and compliance.

Tempered Network’s products are configured in such a way that they can be shipped from and controlled by IT and easily installed by OT in the field with no disruption to existing systems.

“Our solution enables customers to cloak their business critical infrastructure through any number of private overlay networks, isolated from their existing network. We facilitate connectivity and military grade security to ensure operational integrity and availability of business critical infrastructure, assets and information,” said Lee Finck, VP of strategic partners and channel sales at Tempered Networks. “Our technology is complimentary to next generation firewalls and other traditional security products. We’re transport and topology agnostic, requiring no changes to your existing infrastructure.”

About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks meets the security and connectivity needs for organizations which require uncompromised protection for their business critical infrastructure, information and assets. To support the proliferation of high value endpoints that must safely communicate, our unique approach to security provides the most effective way for organizations to safeguard these assets in a manageable way–at Internet scale. Tempered Networks delivers the industry’s most robust security platform that defies the complexities and overcomes the human error associated with current security products. Our solution protects businesses from brand-tarnishing and costly cyber attacks by cloaking networks using private overlay networks with military-grade security. Tempered Networks empowers organizations to stay ahead of rapidly changing business demands with an agile platform for securing the converged industrial enterprise. The company is building the foundation of a secure Internet through automated orchestration of identity and trust management. We have customers in the commercial, industrial and public sectors with Fortune 500 customers deploying ‘well tempered’ networks today. For more information go to You can also follow us on Twitter @TemperedNW or visit us on LinkedIn for more information about the company.