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Structured Grows Annual Revenue, Climbs ‘Silicon Forest 25’

PORTLAND, Ore. (Oct. 15, 2014) – Structured remains firmly rooted as a market leader among Oregon’s silicon forest of tech firms. The company landed at 15th place – up from 18th the year before – on The Oregonian’s 2014 “Silicon Forest 25,” the newspaper’s annual compilation of the 25 largest technology firms in Oregon and southwestern Washington state. Structured posted 6.3 percent revenue growth from 2012 to 2013, totaling just over $75 million for the year.  This places the company comfortably ahead of the next-closest competitor’s $63 million, and just below the 14th-ranked firm’s $76 million. “Structured’s success is a byproduct of our absolute commitment to improving our customers’ bottom lines through the prudent application of proven technology,” said Ron Fowler, Structured president and CEO. “Customers rely on us to safeguard their data while making it more accessible to a mobile workforce, to keep IT costs in check while sourcing superior products that deliver significant financial benefits. We take those responsibilities to heart.” Seismic shifts in the way businesses leverage IT to promote productivity and profitability – specifically through workforce mobility and cloud initiatives – continue to drive industry innovation and the need for seasoned professionals. Structured, which has thrived through more than two decades of peaks and valleys in the tech sector, anticipates continued growth and is prepared to help businesses navigate this fresh landscape. “Our eyes are fixed on IT’s horizon,” said Fowler. “Structured’s business model is stable yet flexible in the face of change. Our engineers are expert in the technologies that meet today’s needs and bridge tomorrow’s. We understand the business needs of our customers, and we are excited about the future and our continued opportunity to grow and serve.”