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Are you concerned about security gaps, falling short of compliance goals, or wasting money on redundant tools? If so, take advantage of a FREE CYBERSECURITY ASSESSMENT from Structured and WitFoo that identifies where your current tools are missing the mark. You'll also receive helpful instruction on how to manage vulnerabilities, staff effectively, and develop more informed long-range security plans. Perhaps most important, this assessment maps to the critical steps outlined by the Center for Internet Security® (CIS) Controls™ so you can be sure its recommendations are consistent with compliance guidelines and mandates.

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What's Involved?

Structured engineers will deploy a tool called WitFoo Precinct as a virtual machine, a physical appliance, or a cloud-hosted service -- totally your choice -- at no cost for 30 days. Syslog, NetFlow, API and optional agent data is captured by Precinct during that window. Utilizing expert insights, machine learning, and best practices from the cybersecurity community and law enforcement, Precinct generates reports that map to CIS Controls™. It also assesses your organization's security tool maturity and identifies ways to increase operational efficiency. 

At the trial's conclusion, Structured security experts provide you with a complete, customized cybersecurity assessment built on the data collected by Precinct as well as an analysis of your organization's unique business drivers. 

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What to expect:

  • Structured engineers will host a 30-minute planning call to review all technical requirements and establish the evaluation window.
  • Deployment of WitFoo Precinct will take 30-60 minutes with assistance from Structured engineers.
  • Once the evaluation is complete, a briefing to review the findings and present recommendations will be held.

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