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    Training Center & Certification

    Structured is a Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Authorized Training Center.  Security courses administered by Structured help IT managers, firewall administrators, and network engineers protect their data and assets.

    Please navigate to the specific product page for information on training dates. For two or more students we can arrange training dates around your schedule.

    As an Authorized Training Center (ATC), we provide:

    • Certified instruction and class size limited to six students
    • Preparation for Certified Professional exams
    • Training based on courseware created by Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Software Technologies
    • Dedicated, customized training available for two or more of your employees

    ATC Schedule:

    Important Scheduling Notice: At least through June, all of Structured’s training classes will be VIRTUAL as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

    Palo Alto Networks: 

    PAN-EDU-210 Firewall 9.1 Essentials: Configuration and Management

    *NEW for 9.1! Attend the EDU-210 course and receive a FREE certification voucher for the Palo Alto Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) exam!  Attend the class, learn the firewall, demonstrate your knowledge, and be awarded the PCNSA certification from Palo Alto Networks! Learn more at the Palo Alto Networks Certification site

    Bellevue, WA | April 6-10; May 18-22

    Portland, OR |  March 30-Apr. 3; May 4-8; June 8-12

    PAN-EDU-214 Firewall 9.1: Optimizing Firewall Threat Prevention 

    Bellevue, WA | June 23-26

    Portland, OR | June 29-July 2

    PAN-EDU-220 Panorama 9.1: Managing Firewalls At Scale 

    Bellevue, WA | May 11-12

    Portland, OR | April 20-21

    PAN-EDU-330 Firewall 9.1: Troubleshooting 

    Bellevue, WA | May 13-15

    Portland, OR | April 22-24

    Check Point: Please email for information on Check Point class scheduling.

    CCSA R80.10

    Bellevue, WA – Scheduled on an as-requested basis

    Portland, OR – Scheduled on an as-requested basis

    CCSE R80.10

    Bellevue, WA – Scheduled on an as-requested basis

    Portland, OR – Scheduled on an as-requested basis


    Please call 800-881-0962 or email for more information on the class(es) in which you are interested or the associated training date(s). For two or more students, we can arrange training dates around your schedule.

    If you already are a Structured customer, please contact your account manager to register for classes or send an email to with the date(s) and class(es) in which you are interested.