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Why a Hybrid Cloud Strategy is Ideal for Data Backup

In many organizations, disaster recovery and data backup technologies are seen as a drain on budgets, with no real significance unless a disaster strikes. They are seen as an afterthought, an insurance policy that requires a lot of time and maintenance. The truth is that the right backup strategy can benefit almost every level of an organization. Paired with new cloud technologies, a hybrid data backup solution can bring a litany of efficiencies and cost-saving advantages to companies.

First and foremost, the cloud offers companies the ability to extend their datacenters without the upfront cost of purchasing hardware, giving small and medium-sized businesses access to enterprise-grade solutions without the time and investment of a massive project. Bringing cloud into the data center gives companies room to grow and experience data expansion without the panic of running out of storage. With a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), companies can reap the benefits of more predictable monthly operating costs based on pay-per-use models and workload metering.
Cloud solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures, making it easy for IT Managers to manage and monitor this hosted environment. Maintenance for backup solutions is simplified tenfold, and frees up IT staff’s time to dedicate to other business-enhancing projects…but that’s not the best part.

With a hybrid cloud solution, you have the benefit of protecting critical data both on- and off-site. For example, even if your internal cloud fails, employees are still able to access data through a secure public cloud. Advanced encryption offered through IBM Smart Cloud helps control data and gauge business and operational risks, meaning that employees can access data safely – even when mobile. VM isolation allows IT managers to administer and control project-level access codes, thus ensuring data is always accessed by the right people and no one else.
Overall, when leveraging a hybrid cloud for backup, delivers cost-effective benefits that enhance company performance on almost every level. Interested in discovering what a hybrid cloud backup strategy can offer your company? Call our Structured Communication Systems experts. With our years of experience, industry knowledge, and world-class partnerships, we can help your company draft the perfect hybrid cloud backup strategy for your business.