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Why Good Times and Bad Call for Better Data Security

Aside from the routine internal and external threats to your company’s sensitive data, economic factors can have an impact. When economic conditions are tough, as they are now, higher pressure and leaner teams can lead to frustration, and occasionally, employees may turn to theft or malice. Meanwhile, a strong economy can cause team members to look for greener pastures, and they may take proprietary information with them, which effectively puts you in competition with your own innovative practices and products. So, there’s always a reason to amp up your data security measures.

Essentially, there is no best time for complacency. Your data is always at risk, and you need to take strong measures to protect it.

The risks to your data during precarious economic conditions aren’t surprising. Employee dissatisfaction with increasing workloads, layoffs and the general tension that accompanies a recession or other market slowdown can lead to malicious access, use and manipulation of sensitive data. Recently terminated employees may have a desire for retribution and see the theft or tainting of company systems as an easy way to get it. Policies can only help so much, as they provide for post-event consequences, making them little more than a deterrent.

Meanwhile, strong markets can pose a threat, too. Talent is in demand, and an employee departing for a competitor may want to bring best practices, client lists and other tools that will give him or her an early advantage at the new job. Your proprietary information has clear value in this situation and must be protected from temptation.

Data loss prevention technology can help keep your data secure. Use a strong DLP solution, such as those from Check Point, to monitor your environment and learn when attempts to gain inappropriate access to your data occur. Rather than tell your employees what is not permitted, you can automate your policies and execute enforcement measures alongside the rules. There is no alternative to preventing a security breach, especially when your information, in the wrong hands, could damage your reputation or cost you clients.

What’s the best time to protect your data? Now. Regardless of prevailing market conditions, there is a salient and discernable threat to your company’s most sensitive data. Take action to keep it secure … because there’s always someone ready to take action to do the opposite.